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Wimbledon - London  London
Wimbledon - London  London
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Radwanska: Azarenka is bad for image of the game - Another WTA controversy - YouTube Video
Radwanska: Azarenka is bad for image of the game - Another WTA controversy - YouTube Video
23-Feb Robert 

Radwaska says she is angry with Azarenka after their semifinal in Doha. It seems that Ivanovic was right about the tension and bitter rivalry among women top players


And again... another controversy among women. Interesting enough Ana Ivanovic was quite sincere about the fact that there is too much tension in the ladies locker room due to too much personal competitiveness (see article here).

Apparenlty Radwanska was talking about Azarenka hobbling and wincing between rallies during parts of their semi-final match in Doha due to an alleged (well... that was real) injury to her ankle. Eventually Azarenka won that match (see here the article) and then the tournament, but she had to pull out from the Dubai tournament for the same injure (see here the article).

'Well, to be honest, I don't think this is worth a comment. But I think after this match....just lost a lot of respect. That's it,” Radwanska said.

'If you do this in the match, if anyone didn't see the match, I think it's just a quick look on YouTube (watch video above) and you'll know what was going on.'

'Yeah, I was angry because I don't think this is the great image for the women's tennis, what was going on there,' she added. 'So, yeah, unfortunately.'

Then, there was something more also at Sharapova.

'Of course everybody can make some noise. This is tennis,' Radwanska said.

'But I think it's just too loud. I don't think it's very necessary to scream that loud. So if they (the WTA) want to do something, why not?'

Easy ladies... easy... Ana was right, too much tension. Go out and have a pizza togheter and take it easy. The bill would be on Radwanska.


© photo credit:chascow

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She is quite good at selecting when hobbling :-) But I am not sure if she did on purpose to annoy Radwaska. The only think I know is that Radwaska was pretty upset.
 Reply 24-Feb-2012
Why is Azarenka hobbling only while loosing a point or after a game?
 Reply 24-Feb-2012
Tennis Tonic
Hi Peter, agree with you on everything. On screaming (sometimes here we need a earplug ... or we simply lower the TVvolume) and on the difficulties of playing a would-be-injured player. It was just a point that sometimes there is too much tension in the women`s game (but upps... we may have forgot Berdych - Almagro "not shake hand`` and Baghdatis rage on his racket). The fact is that we love happy stories like Rafa and Roger laughting during their promotion or Novak joking about everything. But we sometimes forget that tennis is a very competitive sport. You know what? The pizza is on us ;-)
 Reply 24-Feb-2012
You guys shouldn`t judge the whole situation because everything depends on the point of view. She has the right to feel unhappy like even commentators on the video said that situation was not comfortable. I don`t want to exaggerate the problem but women use in tennis different psychological tricks to win the matches (men do not need that kind of tricks as we can see), but in fair-play competition screaming is acceptable but the certain limit of tolarance. Everybody who likes tennis as a sport, "white sport" - and even tennis experts, coaches - say that screaming is coming to the irritation. Second thing: Vika`s ankle - would you guys like to play with half-injured player on the second part of the tennic court, showing frequently her pain and inconvenience during the game while playing all the time aggresive tennis with attacking style, I don`t think so, so you remind it and review this whole situation once again from the beginning.
 Reply 24-Feb-2012
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